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 To view a slideshow of a certain gallery, open the gallery and double click on the first photo. This will open the slideshow options and just press play.

All individal sports images will be sent as DIGITAL FILES and pricing for digital files are below.  Contact me with the image numbers and email address to send the files.  You can also find some of the galleries on MAXPREPS.  

If you would like to book me for a specific game contact me with the game info. 

Large files:  $29.99     (8x10 and up)

Medium files:  $15.99     ( 4x6 and 5x7)

Small files:  $7.99     (slide shows and social media files)

I accept cash app, Venmo, apple pay, paypal. 

You can contact me through,

1. contact page

2. email

3. call or text me at 559-994-8477


Bobby Medellin

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